Importing New tyres into South Africa

Before one can bring new tyres into South Africa, the tyres need to be homologated with the NRCS and once that is done, an additional permit is required with ITAC.

Below are the requirements for both permits:

  1. E Mark on tyre – an E Certificate.
  2. DOT Mark on tyre – we need ECE R30 or ECE R54 test report, from Accredited test house
  3. The Manufacturer must have a Quality Management System in the factory  (copy of certificate)
  4. Require a letter from factory, confirming that they’re South African importers/ distributors.
  5. A copy of registration letter (CUSTOMS & EXCISE IMPORTER NUMBER)
  6. Tax clearance certificate

Please note:

  • The LOA is a once off letter and valid for a lifetime. Once you have a new manufacturer we will have to apply for a new LOA (each LOA is valid per manufacturer)
  • The permit with ITAC needs to be renewed each year
  • Processing and approval will take 10-17 working days for both the LOA and permit.


Second-hand tyres will only be allowed in South Africa if the importer has a re-threading factory and can prove as such, other than that second hand tyres will not be allowed through the border.

It’s best to apply for all permits required before any order is placed so that your documentation is in order by the time the tyres arrive in South Africa.

Please contact us for more information and assistance with the above.


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