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Exporting Ostrich Eggs from South Africa

Exporting Ostrich Eggs

To export Ostrich eggs from the Republic of South Africa an export permit is required. The export permit can be obtained from a state veterinarian in your area, specifically the area where the eggs are farmed.

In order to get an export permit, the following is required:

  • Import permit from the country to which the eggs will be exported. This permit stipulates the conditions under which the eggs will be accepted into that specific country
  • A health certificate issue by the state vet, this will be issued once the state vet is satisfied that the conditions on the above permit have been fulfilled
  • A motivation letter on the reasons and purpose for exportation of the eggs
  • A letter of authorization in the event that an agent will be acting on your behalf

It’s important that you apply for this permit well in advance as the application process takes 30 days.

An approval from The south African Ostrich Business Chamber will also be required for the exportation of Ostriches.

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